Safari Number 2

Hi Year 4,

We’re back in Nairobi after going on our second safari of the holiday. This time we stayed in a tented camp right in the middle of the safari park. We saw lots of animals again, but this time we saw some lions! There were two female lions next to the side of the road for a very long time. We saw them in the morning and they were still in the same spot when we drove past again in the evening. They had just enjoyed a big meal and were feeling very lazy.

Lionesses resting by the side of the road

While we were in the safari park we visited a chimpanzee sanctuary, we were able to see the chimps up close, but there had to be an electric fence between us because the male chimps are as strong as four men! What do you think these chimps could be thinking?

I wonder what these chimps are thinking about

While we were in the Safari park we also saw some elephants. These were grown up and were much bigger than the baby ones I showed you in the other photo.

This elephant was huge!


After our safari we went to a very nice country club for a day. There were lots of animals in the grounds of the club. When we were going back to our hut lots of warthogs (like Pumba in the Lion King) ran in front of us! There were also peacocks and baboons, which were a bit scary!

I think we’re going to visit some giraffes tomorrow. I will post if we do.

Mrs Wainwright

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