Hi everyone,

I had a very different sort of Good Friday yesterday. I am in Mombasa which is much hotter than Nairobi – it is around 30 degrees Celsius here already and it’s only 10.30. We had to get up at 4am to catch a flight out of Nairobi airport into Mombasa – it only took around 45 minutes, but it would have taken us 8 hours to drive here. We met some people at the airport and then went to a children’s home in the city.

Around 8o children live in the children’s home. They all go to school in Mombasa. We said some Good Friday prayers with them and saw where they slept and had their library and play ground.

After visiting the children’s home we came to our hotel. We’re going to have a bit of a rest here – it’s too hot to do lots of visits to different places, so I’ve been reading lots of my book. We’re going to church in Mombasa on Easter Sunday morning, I’ll try to tell you all about it tomorrow or on Monday.

I’ll post again soon,

Mrs W

P.S. – There are lots of creepy crawlies here because it’s so hot. There was a little lizard on top of a switch in my room last night – it wasn’t as colourful as this fellow though. We saw him by the swimming pool yesterday.

There are lots of lizards hiding here!

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