My first safari!

Hi everyone,

Yesterday we set off from Nairobi at 9am to go to Lake Naivasha, where I was to enjoy my first ever safari. We arrived at the lodge we were staying in around lunch time and had a huge and very delicious three course meal. Afterwards I went to sleep for a few hours and at 4.30 set off on our Safari – can you remember what I said the Swahili word Safari means in English?

We had a very nice guide called Crispas to drive us around in a big off road car. A student named Esther came with us, she is studying tour guiding at university, and was learning to take people around game parks. We saw lots of animals on our game drive. Can you spot which animal I am with in this picture?

Can you spot the wildlife in the background?


Mr Wainwright’s mum wrote down all of the animals that we saw. Here’s the list:

Eland, Impala, Buzzard, Reedbuck, Warthog, Zebra, Masai giraffe, Buffalo, Wildebeast, Topi, Gran’s gazelle, Thomason’s Gazelle, Cattle Egret, Grevy’s Zebra, Guinea Fowl, Tawny Eagle, Ostrich, White-bearded Wildebeast, White Rhino, Giraffe, Oryx, Silver bearded Jackal.

Can you pick one and tell me an interesting fact about it? I wonder if I can have one interesting fact about each animal by the end of my holiday?

During our game drive we stopped to watch the sun go down. I got out of the vehicle and we had some snacks and a drink around the fire.

Here I am out of the safari vehicle getting warm by the fire

After the sun had gone down we got back into the vehicle and went back to the lodge. We got changed and had a delicious dinner. Then went for some much needed sleep!

This morning we went on another safari – this time we saw lots of flamingos on the lake. They were really smelly when we got close to them but the pink colour looked really beautiful. We drove for about an hour and a half before going back to the hotel, checking out and driving back to Nairobi. We stopped for lunch on the way and saw some hippos in the grounds of the hotel!

We’re staying around Nairobi tomorrow, so I’ll post some more then.

Mrs Wainwright.

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